Random Thoughts From a Random Guy

Random thoughts

Over a week since my last blog…

Told you it might be a once-in-awhile thing! So for the one person who actually reads this, here are some random thoughts that came to me the last couple of days.

— I hate, absolutely hate, Greenpeace sidewalk-spammers

— Predators was actually pretty entertaining and was a good re-boot of the original

— Avatar sucked donkey balls

— Avatar REALLY sucked donkey balls, sure the images were “pretty” but the story sucked

— People who were depressed after watching Avatar need to be put on a rocket and sent to Pandora, or at least the Sun. Good riddance, we don’t need them mating on this planet

— It was too damn hot this week/weekend

— I love maryland blue crabs and that my girlfriend loves them more than me

— My girlfriend is better than most of you, she drinks bourbon straight

— Why do people wait 30+ minutes to get into a sports bar? Seriously?

— Oh wait, I waited 30+ minutes to get into a sports bar, but only because we were trying to see our friend who was in said bar and never comes out near us

— But still, why is there a line to get into a sports bar when there is no special sporting event going on

— I can’t believe that crap sequels they come out with now, just some of the previews I saw before Predators: Step-Up 3D, Wall St. 2, Resident Evil 4? 5?

— I am excited for the following crap movies though: Machete and Piranhas 3D. Mainly because both look like gratuitous B-movies and were intended to be that way

— Only 4 days of work this week… so better get back to it.

**** UPDATE ****

Look how awesomely crappy this movie looks!


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