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People are crazy…

I know, not really news… but it seems that every day I find more and more evidence supporting the fact that there are some real whackos in this world!

During my daily news perusing via Fark, I clicked on an article about a meteorite that hit outside of a small village in Peru. 100 or so people who went over to look at it have fallen ill (Real life Andromeda Strain?). At the bottom of the article were links to other “weird” news stories, including one about a man marrying his pillow…

Let me reiterate –  A MAN MARRYING HIS PILLOW!

Clicky the Linky for the story:  http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/816601-man-marries-pillow

Yea… people are crazy… look at the related links – “Man Marries Cat”, “Man Wants to Marry Cartoon Character”, “People will Marry Robots, Says Scientist”

To think, other countries let people marry inanimate objects or animals, while our country mostly prohibits humans from marrying because they are the same sex. Maybe the zealots are right!?!? If we let men marry other men or women marry other women, the next step is humans marrying animals… or pillows.

I wonder if Korea allows gay marriage though? Maybe they don’t and this is what happens, men marry pillows.


One response

  1. And women say men can’t commit.

    July 28, 2010 at 12:36 pm

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