Random Thoughts From a Random Guy

A new month, a new post

Yep, it’s been almost a month since I last posted my musings. I am sorry to have left all of you followers wanting, so here you go, a brand spanking new post.

Was thinking of posting something that would be riveting or inspiring, but since I had two people piss me off this morning on my way to work, I’m going to go with an “I hate” blog.

So in no particular order – a list of things I hate.

– DC Metro – It’s constantly breaking, never predictable, overcrowded, and now they charge an extra 20 cents for the privilege of riding! I love watching 2 or more trains go by completely full most mornings/evenings.

– Tourists who talk incessantly to each other, constantly asking “What stop?” “How many more stops?”, etc…. There’s a map right by the door – read it, figure it out, and shut the hell up!

– Men and women with purses/backpacks/briefcases who can’t control said bag. Hold it in front of you, stop it from swinging and hitting me in the balls, take it off and put it at your feet.

– Self-Righteous bikers…. You want us to “Share the Road”, yet you don’t want to abide by the same rules as cars. The light is RED asshole! Why should I have dodge you as well as taxis while in a cross walk. Don’t get pissed when I come looking for you running a red light with my car and you end up under my fender.

– Bikers on sidewalks… watch out for me clothes lining you as you try to maneuver a crowded sidewalk, use the bike lane

– I HATE that stupid Zoosk commercial… I am not even sure what they are trying to go for? Are they trying to say if you try to use Zoosk to just have sex with someone that it will be clumsy and dangerous? I’d think that would be the opposite of what they are going for… they should encourage men to think they can get laid that way, so they have more members. If guys think they can’t get laid, then why would they even try?

– Speaking of commercials, can we stop advertising for feminine products, hemorrhoid creams, adult diapers, and other items of similar ilk. If you have these problems, you know where to go.

– Ignorant people

– Politics… Guess I should move from DC huh?

– Avatar – Did you know the 2nd most popular “sexy” costume on buycostumes.com is currently a Sexy Neytiri Adult Costume?

– But even worse, the most popular “sexy” costume is a Twilight themed vampire costume for women. It sparkles through the use of attached fiber optic lights.. and you won’t even believe where it sparkles. That’s right, all the twinkling is in the crotch region!

I guess that’s enough negativity for now. Happy September everybody.


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