Random Thoughts From a Random Guy

So long summer…

Well the unofficial end of summer has passed and in a few short weeks we will officially start fall, but I realized this week that once you leave college, get a real job, etc, the end of summer just doesn’t really have the same oomph as before.

Back in the days when I had to go to school, the end of summer was dreadful. It meant you had to go back to classes, less time at the pool, less time with friends, etc. But now I hardly notice. Sure, it starts to get cooler. Days get shorter. But in reality, my day to day life doesn’t change.

I kind of miss the big payoff (and let down) of Summer. When spring used to roll around, you started counting down the days until you had nothing to do for 3 months straight. Then as you hit August, the dread would return that your freedom would be ending again in just 3 short weeks.

So… yea… just a random thought in my head that I felt like sharing. That and I didn’t want to do work for the few minutes it took.


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